Water Buses in Venice

March 4, 2013
Water Buses in Venice

One of the most popular forms of travel in Venice are the vaporetti. These are the water buses, and they take travellers along all the main canals of the islands, and also around the lagoon. They are significantly less expensive than personal gondolas, and they’re often quite crowded – but they’re one of the easiest and cheapest ways of getting round the city. The only other option is the walk, and Venice is pretty big.

The single fare for a vaporetto in 2012 was 7 Euros, which gives you an hour of travel. However, if you’re planning on using the vaporetti on a regular basis then it would be cheaper for you to buy a travel card. You can pick these up from the local vaporetto ticket office, or you could simply buy one online using Venice Connected.

These travel cards can then be used for both land and water transport in Venice.

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