Pick up Venetian Fashion Tips

March 11, 2013
Pick up Venetian Fashion Tips

Venice is far from unfashionable. In fact, there are plenty of places to shop where you can pick up innovative clothes and styles. Gloria Astolfo should not be missed when you’re in the area. This fashion store offers clothing based around classic Venetian painting, giving you clothes that you’ll find nowhere else. The store uses some famous masterpieces and more modern pieces of art as inspiration for their clothing.

You’ll finding beaded tiger lilies which look great with t shirts, as well as beautiful jewelry based around pearls, gold and other luxurious materials. You’ll even find garments that will just appear nowhere else. So if you’re looking for clothes or jewelry that look nothing like what the stores can offer, head down and see what’s on offer. Prices for jewelry start at just £20, and the store can be found pretty close to Piazza San Marco, too.

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