Handmade Art and Printing at Bottega del Tintoretto

March 5, 2013
Handmade Art and Printing at Bottega del Tintoretto

Bottega del Tintoretto is a pretty unique little shop in Venice. Writers come from all over to the store to see their own work set and bound in limited editions. The shop offers binding and printing in their own handmade paper, and intricate, exquisite designs. The shop uses antique print making tools to give it a quirky and unique edge, significantly more stylish than what modern printing can accomplish. So instead of a typical, smooth finish, you’ll get more rustic and interesting finishes.

The shop not only offers these services, but it also has a number of experts on hand to teach you how to do it yourself. They also teach watercolor painting as well as book binding – so it’s a fun little place to visit during your stay. You can pick up prints of artwork for £20, and childrens picture books for just £10, so it’s not out of reach financially.

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