Go Shoe Shopping in Venice

March 4, 2013
Go Shoe Shopping in Venice

Just because you’re in Venice doesn’t mean you should turn up the chance to do just a little bit more shoe shopping. The difference here though is that the shoes you’ll find, you won’t find back in the stores at home! The Giovanna Zanella shoe shop in Venice is linked to notorious and eccentric cobbler Rolando Segalin. Segalin is famous for offering shoes the shape of gondolas. Segalin claims that Giovanna Zanella is his best acolyte!

Giovanna works from her nearby workshop, and it’s here that she creates her artistic, brightly colored and widely-considered ‘avant garde’ shoes that have become popular with locals and tourists alike. You’ll find leather shoes that range from curly, retro, custom and outrageous to chic! You can pick up a basic pair of her famous shoes for around £400, but boots can cost over £750. You can pick up some sandals at the more reasonable price of £750.

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