Down to Earth Il Paradiso Perduto

March 13, 2013
Down to Earth Il Paradiso Perduto

The Il Paradiso Perduto bar is down to earth and popular with the locals. This is a genuine Venetian place to drink, with a welcoming crowd of locals and tourists within the bar alike.

The bar is owned by a community worker and philosopher who has been providing a meeting point to many local groups for more than thirty years. In fact, the bar has been the starting point for a number of social movements over the last few decades, and the place has become known as the hub of the community.

The bar is always buzzing and full of people, and the rustic décor makes it comfortably and homely. You’ll find a scarred wooden floor, a large fireplace, murals, old artwork, old furniture and a general traditional atmosphere. There is also a number of beers and wines available, and some snacks available during the day. It’s a must-see during your stay.

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