Beautiful, Traditional Lace at Emilia

March 4, 2013
Beautiful, Traditional Lace at Emilia

Venice is known for producing some of the finest and most beautiful lace in the world, and Emilia is your chance to get yourself your own bit of history. The island of Burano has been making lace for over 600 years. Despite this, there are many shops in the area which now offer machine-made, inexpensive and low-quality lace. Emilia is different. Emilia is one of the few shops that stick true to tradition and offer lace made in the traditional way.

A team of hard working local ladies work to designs from local designer Lorenzo, to create a range of lace pieces to custom sizes and shapes. You can buy beautiful lace works for as little as £27, but if you want something custom made, you can pick up large tablecloths for roughly £790. It may seem a lot, but the quality will speak for itself. It’s not often you find lace like this!

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